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A helpful primer for Maine medical marijuana patients: How to become a medical marijuana patient, choose a caregiver and find the right products.

Get Your Medical Card

Before you start looking for a Maine caregiver, you’ll need to get your Maine medical marijuana card. Search online for “Maine medical marijuana card” to find instructions on who qualifies for a card, the steps to getting your card, how much it costs, and so forth. This Portland Press Herald article is a great place to start- click the View Steps button below for more info.


So, what’s the difference between care centers and dispensaries? Mainly it’s the official licensing, but there’s also a BIG DIFFERENCE IN PRICE. Dispensaries are generally franchised and require corporate profit margins, or have large growing operations that create a huge overhead cost. Our patient care center is licensed to serve you, but keeps costs low!


Contact us for an appointment, and we can help choose the right product depending on your needs (pain, illness, PTSD, anxiety, etc.). Many other Maine cannabis growers do not test regularly, and as a result they lack consistency or pose contamination risks. At Kind Acres Farm, we get our batches tested every three months for potency, THC/CBD levels, and even cleanliness (mold, pesticides, etc.)

  • Text or call us at 207-449-2433 to pre-order your products, and we’ll have it ready when you arrive.
    NOTE: Right now, only 1 person at a time can come into the patient care center section of our location, so you may have to wait a bit. But you can browse our retail glass boutique to find the vaporizers, pipes, rolling papers, battery/vape pens, and cartridges you may need.
  • When you pick up your order, you’ll sign the required paperwork, show us your Maine medical marijuana card, pay for your products, and go.